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      Position Open

      Current Vacancies 

      PositionLocationStatusDetailClosing Date
      Digital Marketing Coordinator Sydney OPEN View Detail 15 Feb 2020
      Content Marketing Manager Sydney OPEN View Detail  15 Feb 2020

      How To Apply

      Send your resume outlining your skill set along with a cover letter to hr@www.jewelsandjules.com. We look forward to hearing from you. 

      One of the Most Exciting Companies in Australian Agriculture

      AuctionsPlus provides career opportunities across a wide range of skillsets, including software development, operations, customer support, marketing and business development. We are a dynamic, exciting team on the look out for great people. 

      AuctionsPlus is changing the shape of the livestock sector through targeted and researched industry solutions, focusing on the capability for technology to improve the way livestock is traded nationally. Equally important are team members who can foster relationships, understand customers, and provide support to our growing and passionate customer base.

      If you're passionate, enthusiastic and interested in being part of a team that is changing the landscape across the rural sector, we'd love to hear from you.

      Career Opportunities

      Software and Product Development

      As a platform that runs auctions and handles real time bidding, our applications use new technologies like SignalR, Angular, ASP.NET and HTML5. We use Azure cloud hosting services and experiment with new development technologies across a number of spaces. The AuctionsPlus product development team operates in an agile methodology, with a focus on learning, quality and best practice approach. We are always looking for the right talent to bring new skills to the team.

      Customer Support and Operations

      AuctionsPlus depends on customer-focused support staff with experience in the rural industry. Our customers work with livestock (cattle and sheep). They're passionate and closely involved in the industry and need friendly staff to help them manage auctions, preparing lots and marketing their livestock.

      Marketing and Business Development

      Messaging and communications strategy is an important part of AuctionsPlus, the market presents a variety of customers, opportunities and challenges. AuctionsPlus relies on hands-on staff but also talent from across various industries to help decide and focus on the right messaging and business development strategies.